Why the Las Vegas A’s stadium renderings are dishonest and shouldn’t be trusted

The A’s simply can’t be trusted at this point.

On Friday, the team issued its first set of renderings for a proposed ballpark in Las Vegas, but the images don’t match reality. Under their current agreement, the A’s have been granted a nine-acre plot of land by Bally’s and the Gaming and Leisure Properties (GLPI), as part of the 35-acre lot currently occupied by the Tropicana Hotel.

When you take a look at the renderings provided by the A’s Friday, the stadium, parking lot and entrance to the stadium appear to take up all 35 acres of the lot owned by Bally’s and GLPI. Where’s the new Tropicana Hotel going to be? You know, the thing that will take up the other 26 acres of the property?

Since there’s an internet tool for everything and anything these days, I found one that lets you draw out land on Google Maps to see the acreage of the selected plot of land.

The entire Tropicana Lot checks in at 35 acres, while the A’s have just a quarter of that for the stadium.

It all just doesn’t add up.

The A’s have announced that Brad Schrock of Schrock KC Architecture will finalize the design of the stadium and I’m guessing that the final product wouldn’t look anything like this.

There are usually multiple iterations of renderings for new stadiums – the A’s have been through a few at Howard Terminal in Oakland – but this one is a completely dishonest representation of what the franchise can offer. To me, it feels like a hastily-assembled photoshop that can be presented to the Las Vegas public, in an effort to mislead them.

The A’s have just 11 days to figure out the stadium before Nevada’s 2023 legislature adjourns, and this seems like an effort to deceive in order for the A’s to push the project through.