The A’s should copy the Mariners and get this sweet camera angle

No fans is no fun. But at least we get some small perks like this sick camera angle in Seattle.

Maybe the Mariners had it the last time the A’s were in town and I missed it, but the A’s broadcast utilized a couple of sweet cameras attached to wires during Monday’s doubleheader. They’re pretty standard in football games at this point but it was awesome to see it used on a baseball diamond.

The Mariners also have one installed on top of their home dugout to bring an even more intimate look to the field.

For what it’s worth, I tweeted at Dave Kaval and told him to add it to the Coliseum infrastructure, so just waiting on that “on it” or “great idea” or lightbulb emoji.

Also, look at how terrible the playing conditions were. Hella smoky today in Seattle where the air quality index was at 234 for first pitch of Game 1. Anything over 200 is considered “very unhealthy” by the Environmental Protection Agency, but hey, there’s revenue to be made! Right, Rob Manfred!

As for Monday’s actual games. The A’s led 5-0 in the first leg but fell 6-5 in what was probably the worst loss of the year.

Since baseball is weird, of course unheralded Mike Minor came outta nowhere to strike out 8 batters and allow just 2 hits  in 7 shutout innings to lead the A’s to a 9-0 win in Game 2.

Also new acquisition Jake Lamb capped off the day’s dingers with a solo shot. He entered the day 5-for-43 with a double and one RBI. In Game 2 he had a double, dinger and a ribbie.