The A’s have a marketing shortage, probably thanks to the new stadium search

If you want a bobblehead giveaway of a current A’s player, Monday night’s game in Texas might have been your best bet.

Thanks to the pandemic, the Rangers had some leftover bobbleheads commemorating Elvis’ three stolen bases of home plate during the 2019 season. They gave those out Monday and are scheduled to do an Andrus shirsey giveaway Tuesday, too.

Kinda weird, but you can understand the situation. Elvis was clearly a huge fan favorite and the leader of the clubhouse when he got traded to the A’s this offseason, so he and the Rangers fans figure to have some cool moments together throughout the three-game series.

Which brings me to my main point — the A’s are one of four clubs without any bobbleheads scheduled on their promotional calendar this year. The Toronto Blue Jays are playing their home games in Buffalo, so you can understand why they don’t have any bobbleheads. The other two clubs are the New York Yankees and Chicago Cubs, who have no promotions scheduled all year and probably don’t need them to draw fans.

That leaves the A’s, who are probably just too cheap to do it. They are mortgaging their present for their prospect of a future in Oakland.

Last week, A’s president Dave Kaval reiterated that the franchise has spent more than $200 million on the new stadium search, saying the team has to fund the staff associated with the City of Oakland, too, as to not conflict with municipal affairs.

During the pandemic, the A’s gutted their marketing department but have since put together a smaller crew for marketing and social to cover their bases. That’s spurred some A’s fans to take matters into their own hands.

A’s fan and bobblehead collector/maker Robb Roberts has even approached the team about bobbleheads with designs and everything, saying he has five ready, but simply needs the A’s OK. Clearly, if other teams are making bobbleheads, there doesn’t seem to be a supply issue.

He recently helped produce a limited edition Dennis Eckersley bobblehead with FoCo sports — he knows how to do this (learn more on Episode 9 of the G.O.A.P!).

Have you also noticed that the A’s haven’t produced a commercial since 2018?

That shit was good, too! Like legitimately funny and witty. When was the last time you saw Matt Olson or Matt Chapman or Chris Bassitt in a commercial? That lack of marketing is criminal.

The A’s priorities are clearly set on a future ballpark rather than getting more eyeballs on the on-field product they actually have. Getting fans into your current stadium should be the aim, rather than trolling them from a soldout hockey game in Las Vegas to try and pressure City officials into a faster building timeline.