Sergio Romo pulls down his pants and has ridiculous reaction to umpire check

LMAO what an epic Tuesday night in baseball, ey, Rob Manfred?

MLB’s commissioner is trying hard to make his mark on the game by doing all sorts of dumb rule changes. His latest pet project? Eliminating foreign substances for pitchers (which have been around forever) by instituting mandatory equipment checks.

Sergio Romo pitched for the first time since Monday’s enforcement and he clearly did NOT like being approached by third base umpire Dan Iassogna after the seventh inning. Sure, Romo gave up a dinger so he was probably a little heated, but this reaction was perfectly over-the-top.

It reminded me of the Dave Chappelle line he tells the police officer, “I got a driver’s license, too!”

Earlier Tuesday, Nationals righty Max Scherzer also nearly undressed after Phillies manager Joe Girardi made sure the umps paid extra attention to his equipment.

Then it led to this epic staredown moment.

Gotta love baseball.

I really don’t see how this experiment goes much longer than tonight. The whole thing is ridiculous. It’s a massive in-season change with good intentions from the league but completely misses the mark.

Let ’em play and figure out a regulated pitcher grip substance in the offseason or next spring training.