Guy appears to get dome on third deck of Coliseum during A’s-Mariners (NSFW)

Ah, the beloved third deck of the Coliseum.

Sections 301 to 334 are usually home to all sorts of shenanigans at A’s games. You can kick your feet up in the third deck, romp around freely, soak in skyline views, secretly smoke a doobie or two, crack open some beers you smuggled in your backpack … or … it could be a scenic site for some fellatio, as we found out Sunday.

At one point during the A’s-Mariners matinee, which resulted in a 5-3 victory for the green and gold, a guy was spotted getting a BJ in the top corner of section 334 down the left-field line.

The Twitter feed for Dallas Braden and Jared Carrabis’ ‘Baseball is Dead’ podcast shared a video of the Coliseum lovebirds that has since gone viral. (Don’t worry they’re just little pixelated figures in the distance you can’t see anything).

There’s something poetic about the “Let’s Go Oak-Land!” cheers happening as no one seems to notice.

This happened the same day Shea Langeliers broke the A’s American League-record streak of 81 straight games without a triple. Maybe the couple just wanted to celebrate by going to third base.

According to TMZ, the Oakland Police Department is aware of the matter and conducting an investigation.

“The Oakland Police Department was not alerted to this until after the game,” the spokesperson said, “and we have initiated an investigation.”

Sexual escapades in the third deck are nothing new at the Coliseum. Deadspin once dug up some old footage of a couple fans sneaking in a public quickie at the top of the third deck in 1997.

Love is in the air at the third deck of the Coliseum. It’s also pretty funny that the A’s most viral moments this season have nothing to do with baseball.

At this point, fans across the country probably only know three things about the 2022 Oakland A’s:

1) They traded away everyone
2) That one time Sean Murphy’s butt cheek deflected a foul ball
3) A guy got dome in the third deck during a game