Ep. 7 — Baseball in Brazil

De boa na lagoa? Suave na nave?

We have a special double drop of the G.O.A.P. — welcome to the English episode on A’s baseball in Brazil. Be sure to check out to the Portuguese episode as well! Host Alex Espinoza interviews guests about two of this favorite things baseball and Brazil, where he spent most of 2016 as a gringo out of water.

The Athletic senior writer Pedro Moura discusses his 3-part piece on baseball’s lack of an impact in Brazil, a country with 210 million people, he wrote for the Orange County Register in 2015. Since then, baseball has yet to take root in the country while NFL and NBA have been able to make inroads. Moura discusses his own Brazilian roots, the corruption that plagues Brazil’s society and how it touches baseball, and how Barry Larkin’s daughter got some fishy music recording deals after he was named manager of the national team.

Then A’s fan and friend of the pod Daniel Capovila chimes in from São Paulo, Brazil to reminisce about his experience with Alex at an A’s-Yankees game at the Coliseum. Capovila shares his thoughts on what it was like to visit his first baseball game at the Coliseum, the sport’s potential in Brazil, and why it was weird to see Yankees and A’s fans in the same BART train on the way to the game.