Ep. 8 — Dave Stewart / Drew McGowan

Rollin’ out the red carpet for Oakland legend and A’s legend Dave Stewart on the G.O.A.P!

Host Alex Espinoza enjoys an awesome chat with Stew aka Smoke aka the chillest killer on the mound ever. In this discussion, the former A’s right-hander went all the way back to the early 1970s to talk about his introduction to Rickey Henderson on the Babe Ruth League fields, and what it’s like to be part of Oakland’s family of pro athletes. Also, could he have been Dave Stewart, NFL linebacker? Probably. That plus a look at his career through his three World Series rings with the Dodgers (1981), A’s (1989, duh) and the Blue Jays (1993).

We also spoke with A’s fan Drew McGowan (41:05) about his experience coaching his two sons in Oakland Little League and what challenges the league faced even before the COVID shutdown. McGowan gives some insight into the current state of North Oakland/South Oakland Little League (NOLL/SOLL) and how we can help to get involved as a volunteer or fundraiser. McGowan, who has coached in the league for 6 years, also detailed past struggles with the City of Oakland and unions when it comes to making field improvements around the city. To learn more information about the league, volunteering or to donate, please visit www.nollsoll.com.