Kevin Durant rocks A’s hat to postgame press conference

Kevin Durant went with the West Coast vibes to Monday night’s playoff game between the Brooklyn Nets and Milwaukee Bucks. 

He showed up to Barclays Arena in Brooklyn rocking an A’s hat and a 2Pac shirt.

After cooking Giannis and the Bucks with 32 points while giving the Nets a 2-0 series lead, the former Dubs star put the A’s hat front and center when he took the mic alongside Kyrie Irving. Always cool to see the classic green and gold out of context.

This situation could be destined to be an A’s meme, as originated by’s Adrian Garro.

Durant played three seasons from 2016-2019 with the Warriors at Oracle Arena next door to the Coliseum, winning two titles and two Finals MVPs.

This isn’t his first brush with the A’s, either. 

He was spotted in diamond level at a 2017 game, one day after the Dubs swept the Utah Jazz in the second round.

He might have made a memorable Chase Center construction tour
in a hardhat, but Durant actually never played on the foggy side of The Bay. Only Oakland.

You never know what the guys in Brooklyn are thinking with their fashion sense — they seem to be heavy on the washed-up 90s look — but you would think that KD is giving a nod to The Town. Then again, it’s probably just a random snapback he picked because he liked the colors or something.

But it’s more fun to think that Durant still has love for The Bay. Also, damn, those Warriors teams were ridiculous.

*pours out bottle of wine and turns on 2017 Finals highlights*