The A’s Fyre Fest’d their minor leaguers with some turrible sandwiches

The A’s have set the Twittersphere alight once again.

This time, it doesn’t have to do with Dave Kaval trolling A’s fans or an update on the new stadium. No, it has to do with the beloved epic fail known as Fyre Fest.

Tuesday afternoon, an organization called Advocates for Minor Leaguers shared these photos of some paltry postgame meals served up to A’s farmhands. It prompted a response from A’s president Dave Kaval, who was swift to pin the responsibility on a third-party vendor that has since been dismissed.

Naturally, folks started tweeting about Fyre Fest. 

Back in 2017, the fraudulent music festival touted by celebs with a dumb (but effective) orange square ended up with hundreds of marooned would-be festival go-ers. Instead of Ja Rule, sick eco-friendly yurts and gourmet meals, they were left with *gasp* no Ja Rule, low-quality wind-blown tents and sandos like these.

The subsequent documentary elevated Fyre Fest to meme status, so of course the A’s MiLB pics went viral.

It’s worth noting that these pictures are supposedly from earlier this season, but this is still hilarious. Whenever the A’s and this guy are connected it’s probably not ideal.

The A’s initially vowed to stop paying their minor leaguers last summer but reversed course when they caught public flack. You have to wonder if the bare bones budget is still an issue with pics like this, though.

Another knock to the A’s PR image for casual baseball fans, whose first (only?) impressions of the franchise are that it is: A) Poor. B) Moving to Vegas.