Lol we can all thank Liam Hendriks’ cat for Josh Reddick breaking his bat

It’s October, folks! That means some weird spooky shit has to happen, right?

Well, let’s start with Liam Hendriks, who summoned superhuman strength to throw three scoreless relief innings in Wednesday’s clutch 9-7 Game 3 win over the Astros in an elimination game.

So, how was he able to throw 37 pitches but still keep his cheddar in the ninth? While Hendriks was warming up for his outing, a keen-eyed Twitter user noted that there was a cat cutout hanging on the wall of the A’s bullpen.

And since social media is so crazy, we received quick confirmation that the cat is indeed Hendriks’ via a shared DM convo between Mark Canha’s wife and Mrs. Hendriks.

Now, I’m no aficionado of 90s Halloween movies, but supposedly “Winnie Sanderson” is actually the name of a witch from the movie ‘Hocus Pocus.’

Well, OK then, Liam. Whatever gets the juices flowing, my man!

Hendriks went out and mowed down the Astros, striking out four across his huge outing. But none of the punchouts were more satisfying for A’s fans than this one to end the eighth inning, as Josh Reddick whiffed with two RISP then smashed his bat.

Reddick has basically gone from fan favorite to public enemy No. 1 since joining the Astros. He lost a lot of A’s fans with his “meaningful baseball” comments from 2018, and had some postseason failure with the green and gold, so this reaction was pretty much everything you could ask for.

And none of it woulda been possible without Winnie Sanderson Hendriks.