Sean Murphy is indeed good at baseball

It’s too bad these ALDS games aren’t being played at the Oakland Coliseum.

All season long, some big ol’ posters, banners and converted bed sheets hung over the railings in the LF Bleachers, set there by die-hard fans like Bryan Johansen AKA @Sandlot408. (If ya wanna learn more check out Episode 5 of the G.O.A.P!)

Perhaps the most blunt/hilarious/truthful one of all was a green one that simply said, ‘SEAN MURPHY IS GOOD AT BASEBALL’.

Welp, turns out those guys knew what they were talking about when they made that sign.

We already detailed Sean Murphy’s regular season success, but the dude is getting better as the A’s postseason continues. In fact, he’s been on base 20 straight games, dating back to Sept. 4, and registered a hit in all four postseason contests thusfar.

Not to mention he’s hit some monster dingers and made MLB history in the process. According to Monday’s TBS broadcast, Murphy is the first rookie catcher to homer in back-to-back postseason games. He’s also the first A’s player to homer in back-to-back playoff games since Dave Parker in 1989 (ALCS, Games 2 and 3).

First came this Murph Bomb in Game 3 of the White Sox series, one hit so high it got lost in the smoky Oakland air.

Then came Monday’s big blast at Dodger Stadium in a 10-5 loss that featured six dingers. TBS happened to be interviewing Astros manager Dusty Baker when he drilled this one to dead center.

Later in the game, Murphy also showed off his cannon to nab José Altuve at second base to end the eighth inning.

Perhaps the thing that gets me so excited is his plate discipline. I know he only batted .233 in the regular season but he had an on-base percentage of .364. Murphy walked 24 times vs. 37 Ks, and he’s got an even 2/2 K/BB ratio so far in the playoffs. That’s so good for a rookie.

I just want to get a huge neon sign and point it at Sean Murphy’s potential for everyone to see. Maybe the bleacher guys can help me out. The 26-year-old (his birthday was Sunday) looks like the real deal and A’s fans should be very, very excited about him.