Don’t worry, A’s fans, Tony Kemp and Ramón Laureano are totally still bros

Wednesday was a weird one in Oakland, folks.

We woke up covered in orange smoke clouds that persisted all day long, until the A’s and Astros made their Mars landing at the Coliseum for the 6:40 p.m. PT first pitch. Just look at them tangerine skies.

The game got off to an ominous start, as George Springer belted the fourth pitch of the game for a leadoff dinger. But then rookies Jesús Luzardo and Luis Garcia put on an absolute clinic until Kyle Tucker’s misplay in left field let the A’s tie it up in the seventh.

Such a weird night needed an epic ending and the A’s got one, with Ramón Laureano delivering a walkoff RBI.

That’s when things got hilarious.

During Laureano’s postgame interview with Dallas Braden, Tony Kemp crept behind him with the Gatorade cooler before dousing him in ice water. On brand, the usually stoic Laureano didn’t flinch. Or smile. Or even turn around to see who got him wet. Just crossed his arms before eventually telling Braden “that’s cold” (I cut this clip off too early to hear his reaction but it wasn’t a lot).

Some fans were quick to tweet that they thought Ramón was actually pissed — but don’t worry! That’s just Ramón being Ramón. Here’s what he said after his bat-stomp-staredown with the Rangers last season.

And to remove any doubt, Kemp shared this pic of the two of them smiling before Thursday’s series finale. All good in the hood.

While I honestly think Laureano hated the water because it was simply too cold and it was jarring, it was hilarious to see the club’s most excitable person try to rile up the club’s most business-like.

Plus, the A’s got the first extraterrestrial win in human history.