Ep. 4 — The Epic Saga of Bacon Tuesday

Prepare yourselves to be bacon’d.

Back in 2011, Kansas City Royals outfielder Jeff “Frenchy” Francoeur struck up a relationship with the RF Bleacher crew at the Oakland Coliseum. Over the next two seasons, an epic saga unfolded that included such icons like bacon, more bacon, a bunch of Round Table Pizzas from Section 116, Torii Hunter, a signed baseball wrapped in a $100 bill, a signed baseball bat, and a bunch of Popeye’s chicken.

It’s perhaps the greatest baseball story ever — as told by Frenchy, and A’s fans Omar Gonzalez, Anson Casanares and Will MacNeil. The Sideshow (33:52) also features some classic tales with MLB right fielders like Ken Griffey Jr., Ichiro, Jose Bautista and Magglio Ordóñez.